Autumn 2020

Decorate like a pro

As the evening start to draw in and the air starts to chill, we are celebrating cosy, autumnal styling and homeware. With this we have talked with your favourite brands about everything new this season. Time to explore Kingston this Autumn.

The Home Decore Project

We spoke with West Elm’s in store Design Crew here at the Bentall Centre to learn more about their free home design services.

Tell us a little more about how the design service works?
First, we would set up a meeting, either in person (social distancing measures would be in place) and talk to you about your space and the needs/uses of the room. We would then go on to chat through your taste, in regards to design and accessories, so we can understand the thing you like. Following that, we take the measurements and create you a floor plan.

What if I want to keep some furniture from the original room design?
We don’t have to do the room from scratch, most people do want to keep some bits, or add other things in. We’re happy to get the size of that piece of furniture and build that in to the design.

Great, so is it just furniture I can design or can you help with accessorizing too?
Yes we can help you accessorize, we have a wide range of accessories we can take you through. We can look at the rooms focal points and make sure that these added accessories help to pull the room together.

So, do you just do home designs, or would you be able to help with a business too?
We can certainly help with businesses, we have helped to design hotels bedroom and bars as well as beauty salons and office spaces. If you’ve got a room we can help you make the perfect space.

How can I book a design meeting?
You can either book an appointment in-store to speak to a member of our team, alternatively we can hold a telephone or virtual meeting.

Thanks to the team at West Elm, it was great to find out more – if you’re interested in having a free design consultation, get in touch with the team here

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Bookself Styling

Autumn 2020

Bookshelves aren’t just for books! Live your best shelfie life with these styling tips from West Elm.

Get more styling tips on West Elm’s Youtube channel.

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